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About Hermes Great Estates

Hermes Great Estate Ltd is a UK based property developer, specialising in luxury residential and commercial properties, and working in partnership with a network of property specialists.

As a consortium of forward-thinking property development companies, we have a wealth of expertise across a wide range of property services.

We approach every development with the same aspiration, which is to create a stunning property which, from conception to completion, exceeds all expectations. Our vision is global, and our strategic alliance with a worldwide network of more than 50 partner companies, allows us to fulfil this vision. With partners in Europe, USA and the Middle East, our abilities and resources have unprecedented breadth.

As a collective, we have an undeniable complement of skills, knowledge and capabilities, which means our clients can benefit from a wide range of property services, inspired from all around the world, and delivered on a global scale.

The power of the group is significantly higher than the mere sum of the individual entities.

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Hermes Great Estate Ltd operates as a professional business network, with all parties working collaboratively to achieve the same goal:

Excellence within property development.

Andrew Anderson

Andrew is the founding member of Hermes Great Estate Ltd. He graduated from the University of London with a degree in Business Finance and subsequently found his niche in the property industry. Andrew now has over 15 years’ experience in the lifestyle and property investment sector, and he has a proven track record of sourcing projects internationally to the value of £21m.

Construction Partner

Nobles Construction Ltd is one of the leading providers of construction services in the UK, and one of the largest privately-owned contractors in the North West. They have the capability to deliver projects up to £30 million and have extensive experience of delivering residential projects on programme and built to the highest standards.